Khandoker Md Taj-Biul Hasan (KM TAJ BIUL HASAN )

HONORARY MEDIA CONSULTANT (Researcher,Script-writer ,Director & Cinematographer)  .

Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan is a Filmmaker,Cameraman and researcher . He has been in this profession since 1991. He completed  B.Sc ( Hon's) on Zoology &  M.Sc. on Fisheries from  the Dept. of Zoology, The University of Dhaka and subsequently completed his diploma on Photography(Dhaka) & Filmmaking (New Delhi). Later on adapted himself with the Film and Television media profession. He also completed professional training  from BBC(UK), BFDC(Dhaka), CENDIT(New Delhi), CEMCA (New Delhi) ,Deutsch Welle Television Training  Centre (Berlin), DUPS(Dhaka), NIMC(Dhaka), STOU (Bangkok) and NHK(Tokyo) respectively. In his professional career Mr. Hasan worked in the Dept. of Film & Publication of Bangladesh Govt. and Bangladesh Open University from 1992-2011 as Program Director /Producer .He began his career as a cine-cameraman and has since become a fiction and documentary film-maker. So far made 85 educational TV programs,23 documentaries & 03 fiction and received 14 impressive International awards for filmmaking. Above all he also created a historic record by winning three times, the most prestigious ‘The National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize’ in 2007 ,2010 & 2013 for his three educational films as well as the Tokyo Docs (Color of Asia) Award in 2019. Being a researcher; Mr. Hasan presented papers in the 21 international media events till January 2021 and has publication in the reputed international journals. So far visited many countries of Asia, Europe and Africa for his professional reasons. For details please visit:


CEO & Proprietor ( Scriptwriter & Producer)

Ms. Shyfoon Naher is the CEO and proprietor of ‘Dhrupad Communication’. She has been with the film & television media profession since 1994. After completing her Post-Graduation on Zoology ,she adapted herself with the media profession . Ms.Naher also worked as an enlisted script writer of the educational TV & Radio  programs of Bangladesh Open University from 1995-2003. So far she coordinated five international documentary films as well as worked in two International productions as Executive Producer . Ms. Naher got 'The National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize' of NHK Japan Prize -2021  for her film titled ,"Speak Out Yourself -The Abuse we're not talking about". So far she has visited India, Nepal and Malaysia .



Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon is a student film-maker. Now she is a Post-graduate student of Fine Arts  Dept. of Jagannath University, Dhaka .  Ms. Nikkon created a historic record by winning the world’s most prestigious The Hoso Bunka Foundation Award” in the NHK Japan Prize competition-2016 for her proposal 'The Girls are not Brides' . She is the first girl to win this award at just 19 years old and also the first Bangladeshi citizen to win this most acclaimed award so far.She has made; 05 short documentaries till December 2021 and already received 10 International Awards and appreciations for her works such as  Women & Work Award-Connecther Film Festival-2021,Austin ,USA. The Best Documentary Award -GlobalGirls Media Film Festival-2021 London ,UK. First Runner up Award-Khamrubu International Short Film Festival-2021,India .The Global Impact Award- in the Connecther Film Festival -2020 , 1st Runner-up, People's Choice Award-Big Syn International Film Festival-2020 London ,UK. Grand Prize Winner-in The Girls Impact the World Film Festival-2019,USA. Runner Up Award (Documentary)-The Children Rights Film Festival-2019,Beirut, Lebanon. Judges' Choice 1st Runner Up-Girls Impact The World Film Festival-2018 Austin, USA. Jury Award-FILM YOUR ISSUE: Youth Speak Out-2018 ,Los Angeles, California ,USA and Italian Movie Award-Vitruviano di Leonardo Da Vinci-2018,Italy etc. Ms. Nikkon visited India, Japan, Nepal and  Malaysia . For details  please visit



Abdullah Al Mamun has been attached with this company as an honorary editor since 2007 .  He completed his diploma in Computer Science on Hardware and Grphics in 2004 .He is now the chief editor of a prominent satellite television company of Bangladesh .So far Mr. Mamun  edited all the international productions of Dhrupad Communication.



Shafiul Alam is very much well known for his  keen fascination to bird and nature photography .He manages all the activities from Pre to Post production related to public relation as a Production Manager .

* Lasker Mohammad Shaheer:Scriptwriter & 3D


*Salahuddin Ahmed Auton:Coordination  & Implimentation.

* Salina Parvin:Research ( Honorary position)

* Rashed Bin Sabbir Aleef:Sound Recordist & Production Associate.

* Nandita Hasan Nandini:Boom operator & Prodcution Assistant .

* Shakil Ahmed:Audio Artist and Story writer .

*Di Sica Ray : An Indian filmmaker, photographer and story writer. He is associated with Dhrupad Communications as Overseas Coordinator and Production Assistant.

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